Wow, the Sun-MySQL deal just closed. That’s amazingly quick work for a corporate transaction of this size. Mind you, our Chief Counsel crushes patent trolls before breakfast. Now we can actually start sharing the nefarious plots we’ve been cooking up for Sun+MySQL; I hope those guys have been hatching some too.


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From: Scott Mace (Feb 27 2008, at 12:18)

No patent trolls squashed yesterday...just the MySQL anti-software patent page.


From: Michael (Feb 28 2008, at 16:42)

Wow. That was fast! is a 404.



From: Aristotle Pagaltzis (Feb 29 2008, at 04:10)

Interesting catch, Michael… I guess Sun isn’t exactly itching to support the FFII anti-software-patents lobby work, eh?

Tim, any comment?


From: Michael Bernstein (Mar 01 2008, at 15:07)

Hmm. At least this page still exists:


From: Aristotle Pagaltzis (Mar 02 2008, at 05:48)


Maybe it did when you went there, but for me right now it’s a 404. A copy is available in Google’s cache for the time being.

Interestingly, has a more useful replacement for `/about/legal/patents.html` than a nondescript 404 page.


From: Paul Boddie (Mar 02 2008, at 09:56)

Not any more, Michael. I guess the MySQL guys have to be "on message" now, whatever that actually is.


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