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Atomic News · Here­with a few ran­dom Atom­pub point­er­s. Each month that goes by, I’m hap­pi­er with the way Atom­pub came out ...
Granville Island · In single-Dad mode on this bril­liant Sun­day morn­ing, I de­cid­ed to pack the urchins up af­ter break­fast and take them down to Granville Is­land. It’s one of Vancouver’s nicest things and too of­ten we aban­don it to the tourists (In fac­t, on this oc­ca­sion I helped a posse of Ger­mans fig­ure out the parking-ticket ma­chine). Wel­l, and I had a new cam­era burn­ing a hole in my pock­et ...
Online Data · That S3 out­age sure con­cen­trat­ed people’s mind­s. And al­most si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly, EMC an­nounces that they’re get­ting in­to cloud stor­age. It’s ob­vi­ous to me that we’re nowhere near hav­ing worked out the eco­nomics and safe­ty and per­for­mance is­sues around where to put your data. There are some ar­eas of clar­i­ty; geek über-photog James Dun­can David­son, in The Eco­nomics of On­line Back­up, shows that for a per­son with a ton of per­son­al data, the on­line op­tion is re­al­ly unattrac­tive. And you do hear sot­to voce rum­bles about go­ing on­line in the geek hall­ways, for ex­am­ple “Amazon web ser­vices: 3x the price, 0.5x the re­li­a­bil­i­ty, and low­er scal­a­bil­i­ty than DYI. Buy on­ly for the low capex and lead time.” That’s from Stanislav Shalunov, who by the way is a damn fine Twit­ter­er. The big ques­tions re­main open.
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