This week we visited a Saskatchewan farm where they have a few Highland cattle, which are just adorable.

Here’s a group shot:

Highland cattle in Saskatchewan winter

They don’t seem to mind the Prairie winter, even when it gets down to -30ºC; look at that fur. They’re approachable and mild-mannered; seem to enjoy being scratched like a dog.

Here are a mother-and-child. There will be three more calves in that particular pasture by April; should be great fun.

Highland cow and calf in Saskatchewan winter

This farm has a great big dog named Missy, not all that bright, who has a complicated relationship with the cattle. She chases the calf around and I’m almost sure it’s a game, because once or twice up and down the paddock and the calf breaks off and heads back to her mother. And later, at morning haytime, Missy got a little too close and one of them just shook her horns at her and she jumped back like a scared kitten.

Dog chases Highland calf in Saskatchewan winter

Anyhow, it was fun to watch.


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From: PJ Cabrera (Feb 14 2008, at 23:46)

Oh my, that last picture is just fabulous. And the description of the dog made me laugh.


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