I was doing a general Tech Tab Sweep and I noticed that I had a ton of Ruby-related stuff, so it gets its own fragment.

1.9 · Sam Ruby, in Ruby CI Efforts, is both disturbed and encouraged by the state of Ruby 1.9.

Rubinius · Rubinius is having another sprint. Ho-hum. Well except for, it’s in The Rocks, a damn nice part of Sydney, Australia. Mmmmmm.

DTrace · Hey, Ruby is getting DTrace bindings, and in Portuguese, too!

On Concurrency · Peter Thatcher has Monads in Ruby (with nice syntax!), and over at InfoQ there’s Ruby Concurrency, Actors, and Rubinius - Interview with MenTaLguY. Yeah, I dunno about MenTaL’s name either, but he’s a JRuby committer these days.

Java · Check out Charles Nutter’s Lang.NET 2008: Day 1 Thoughts and follow the links to the Da Vinci Machine project. Pretty clearly, JRuby is the proximate cause pushing this rock over the edge of the hill. I think this work is the single most important thing going on for those of us who care about the future relevance of the Java platform. I mean, if Gosling can be positive about closures maybe I should warm up to ’em a little. But the Java language just doesn’t seem like the interesting thing about Java, these days.

mediacast · That’s mediacast.sun.com, to be precise. David points out that it’s Rails, on JRuby. I totally hadn’t known this was in the works.


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From: Daniel Berger (Feb 01 2008, at 02:50)

Ruby has had DTrace bindings for some time.


I don't know what the difference is between these two projects. For all I know they're the same project.


From: Chris Andrews (Feb 02 2008, at 14:35)

The idea is that these two Ruby / DTrace projects are complementary: the Joyent code is a DTrace provider for the ruby interpreter, and my library is a wrapper over libdtrace, which lets you write DTrace consumers in Ruby, for data from all providers.

With access to libdtrace you can write more complex post-processing in Ruby, add a GUI and so on - and also trace "yourself" directly, which made it simple to hook some analysis in to Rails.


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