I’m talking about the Sun Modular Datacenter S20, now shipping (and, judging by what I hear on my field trips, selling surprisingly well). You’re wondering about “S20”? Well, a glance at some container facts might lead you to expect an S40 or S45 in the future. I don’t know, the amount of compute power you can get in an S20 is already pretty mind-boggling. I note that the product page, appropriately postmodern, links to BlackBox blogs, but unsurprisingly not to mine, probably the most-read on the subject due to the mini-scandal over my egregiously bad language (and I have to say the comments on that one are excellent).

But anyhow, now that this is a shipping product with a SKU and so on, I’d like to reassure the technology buyers of the world that the S20 is no longer totally drop-dead fucking cool. It’s just a well-designed and real handy piece of infrastructure if you’ve got a data center in transition, or a remote location, or a sudden growth spurt. You can buy one without anyone suspecting you of a dangerous tendency to coolness.


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From: Carolyn (Jan 31 2008, at 04:50)

Hi, Tim.

We had a high wind storm here yesterday and it knocked out my computer connection from home. So I went to work early so I wouldn’t miss out on my morning “Breakfast at Epiphany’s” aka “read Tim Bray’s blog” :-) (and some others’ blogs that strike my fancy). I’ll take your egregarious language any day. I agree, it’s honest and transparent. You do enlighten me.


From: Matt (Jan 31 2008, at 05:31)

Why exactly does Sun have to change the name of EVERYTHING?! How much money did Sun spend promoting the name "Project BlackBox"? It's catchy, cool, and it is what it says. Make too much sense or something?

And now you're calling it "Sun Modular Datacenter;k jas;d f s'"... sorry I just fell asleep typing that.

I love Sun, but do me a favor and kick out these namechangers!


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