It seems to be having a growth spurt. Every time I check my mail, there are a dozen “XXX is following you” messages. My algorithm is, I bring up their Twitter page and give it one glance and make a follow/no-follow decision in about 0.5 seconds. Which probably means there are interesting people I’m not following because they weren’t interesting in that half-second. And I have more followers than followees, which probably makes me an egotistical bastard. Oh well. I think Twitter is here to stay.


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From: Rod Begbie (Nov 28 2007, at 20:12)

Well, now you've just made it a challenge to see if my posts are interesting enough...

/me follows timbray

I do pretty much the same thing, but with the added twist that if the person's page looks too "spammy" (hundreds of followings, but no posts, or posts, but they're all links to one site), I "block" them. Rumour has it that if enough people block a user, something magical happens at the server.


From: Sylvain Carle (Nov 28 2007, at 20:33)

Ah, should have checked my latest tweets before I added you to make sure the "relevancy index processed in 0.5 seconds" would be correctly seeded... ;-)


From: Norman Walsh (Nov 29 2007, at 06:34)

My algorithm is simpler: if I don't recognize your name, I don't even bother bringing up your page. I wonder what sort of bastard that makes me?


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