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Bytecodes! · Way back in 2004, when we had the first Java/DynLangs sum­mit, one of the DynLangs guys’ gripes was that byte­codes were too hard to gen­er­ate. They still are; but check out Charles Nutter’s Byte­code Tools in Ruby: A Low-level DSL; is it just me, or is that re­mark­able? I have tend­ed to be a bit less im­pressed than your av­er­age Ru­by fan­boy at a bunch of method calls sans paren­the­ses claim­ing to be a “DSL”. But man, that looks slick.
Leopard, Ouch · So, I in­stalled Leop­ard, tak­ing all the de­fault­s. Then I in­stalled all the Soft­ware Up­dates. Then it cor­rupt­ed my FileVault, I’ve lost my en­tire home di­rec­to­ry and I can’t log in. Hey, I have a very re­cent back­up and don’t think I will have lost any­thing much. But I do face hours of ir­ri­tat­ing gym­nas­tics to get back to where I was. Am I hap­py? No. I’m typ­ing this on the Ubun­tu box, and it feels kind of nice and safe here. [Up­date: Wel­l, while I was restor­ing, ev­ery­thing went “fweep” and died, Disk Util­i­ty can’t even see my hard drive. Sigh, off to the shop.]
WS-dämmerung · Snell: Now that I’m work­ing for IBM’s We­bA­head group, build­ing and sup­port­ing ap­pli­ca­tions that are be­ing used by tens of thou­sands of my fel­low IBMer­s, I haven’t come across a sin­gle use case where WS-* would be a suit­able fit. Obasan­jo: The on­ly times I en­counter some­one with good things to say about WS-* is if it is their job to pimp these tech­nolo­gies or they have al­ready “invested” in WS-* and want to de­fend that in­vest­men­t. Vi­nos­ki: Fi­nal­ly, I re­al­ized that WS-* was sim­ply not worth it to any cus­tomer or to me. I re­mem­ber the days when it was ba­si­cal­ly just Mark Bak­er and me shout­ing “The WS-King has no WS-clothes and there are WS-bleeding-sores on his WS-butt!” The easy ad­vice for the CIOs and CTOs of the world is “Just don’t buy that crap”. The more dif­fi­cult ad­vice is “In fu­ture, care­ful­ly con­sid­er the mo­tives and world-views of those who were try­ing to con­vince you to buy that crap.” It’s OK, CIOs and CTOs don’t read on­go­ing. Any­how, we’re still a mi­nor­i­ty; I get email ev­ery day from peo­ple ad­ver­tis­ing prod­ucts and ser­vices and cours­es and ad­vice on “SOA Governance”. Mo­tives and world-views, re­mem­ber?
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