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Bytecodes! · Way back in 2004, when we had the first Java/DynLangs summit, one of the DynLangs guys’ gripes was that bytecodes were too hard to generate. They still are; but check out Charles Nutter’s Bytecode Tools in Ruby: A Low-level DSL; is it just me, or is that remarkable? I have tended to be a bit less impressed than your average Ruby fanboy at a bunch of method calls sans parentheses claiming to be a “DSL”. But man, that looks slick.
Leopard, Ouch · So, I installed Leopard, taking all the defaults. Then I installed all the Software Updates. Then it corrupted my FileVault, I’ve lost my entire home directory and I can’t log in. Hey, I have a very recent backup and don’t think I will have lost anything much. But I do face hours of irritating gymnastics to get back to where I was. Am I happy? No. I’m typing this on the Ubuntu box, and it feels kind of nice and safe here. [Update: Well, while I was restoring, everything went “fweep” and died, Disk Utility can’t even see my hard drive. Sigh, off to the shop.]
WS-dämmerung · Snell: Now that I’m working for IBM’s WebAhead group, building and supporting applications that are being used by tens of thousands of my fellow IBMers, I haven’t come across a single use case where WS-* would be a suitable fit. Obasanjo: The only times I encounter someone with good things to say about WS-* is if it is their job to pimp these technologies or they have already “invested” in WS-* and want to defend that investment. Vinoski: Finally, I realized that WS-* was simply not worth it to any customer or to me. I remember the days when it was basically just Mark Baker and me shouting “The WS-King has no WS-clothes and there are WS-bleeding-sores on his WS-butt!” The easy advice for the CIOs and CTOs of the world is “Just don’t buy that crap”. The more difficult advice is “In future, carefully consider the motives and world-views of those who were trying to convince you to buy that crap.” It’s OK, CIOs and CTOs don’t read ongoing. Anyhow, we’re still a minority; I get email every day from people advertising products and services and courses and advice on “SOA Governance”. Motives and world-views, remember?
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