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Android · I’m having a little trouble understanding Android; the business side I mean, not the technology ...
Kindle PR · As regards the product, I have nothing to add to Mark Pilgrim’s The Future of Reading (A Play in Six Acts). But the big meta-news story here is: PR Triumph. The product, it’s Yet Another E-Book Reader. It got on the front cover of Newsweek and was featured by more or less everyone in the mainstream-media technology beat. It bloody well got onto the front page of my hometown Vancouver Sun. Maybe the product will soar, maybe it’ll flop. But this is obviously the crowning PR achievement of our young century. I bow my head in awe.
Ruby Tool Survey · At Sun, I’m in the Developer Tools group. Someone asked “Which tools does the Ruby gang use, anyhow?” I said “Hmm, TextMate, Emacs, Vi, recently some Eclipse and NetBeans.” They said “How do you know?” I said “Uh.” They said “Why don’t you ask?” So I did. Here’s the write-up, in another fragment, which is more commenter-friendly I think.
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