My colleague & buddy Bob Brewin has been yanked away from his scheduled gig at Web 2.0 Expo Tokyo and I was strongly kindly requested to fill in. So, I show up in Tokyo Tuesday afternoon and come home Thursday suppertime. Oh joy. I like Tokyo but this is suboptimal.


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From: Eric Meyer (Nov 08 2007, at 11:08)

Woof. And I thought I was hardcore when I landed in San Francisco mid-day Wednesday and took the redeye home late the next night.

(Amusingly, the answer to the anti-spam challenge I received was "Japan".)


From: Adam Trachtenberg (Nov 08 2007, at 13:26)

I'll also be in Tokyo next week, but since I'm there on my honeymoon, you won't be able to get me within a mile of Web 2.0 Expo for a million dollars. :)


From: John Breslin (Nov 11 2007, at 07:36)

Hi Tim - that's short notice, and dang, I arrive Thursday afternoon so am going to miss you and your talk. Best of luck with it.


From: Mark (Nov 11 2007, at 21:49)

My worst was a business trip from Tokyo to South Carolina to Paris and back to Tokyo. Going west would have been fine. This one, however, had me gone five days but I only remember two or three nights in hotels, due to the combination of time zones and long flights. We were in Paris less than 24 hours. As a side sleeper, international business class wasn't that great for me.


From: Terri Molini (Nov 15 2007, at 20:56)

Tim: thank you very much for taking the time to travel to Japan and attend Web 2.0. Most folks won't know I was the one twisting your arm. Thanks again! I hope the flowers arrived. :-)


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