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Censoring Homer · Our son, now eight, can read per­fect­ly well (in three lan­guages) but still re­quires a bed­time sto­ry, which is OK be­cause Lau­ren and I both en­joy read­ing them. Giv­en the fact that he can now read all the cheesy pic­to­ri­als he likes for him­self, I’ve been en­forc­ing Big Se­ri­ous Book­s. So re­cent­ly it’s been the Odyssey, which ac­tu­al­ly hasn’t worked out that well ...
Good Tech Writing · Two of my brows­er tabs con­tain pieces that are re­lat­ed in that they are very well-written, and about tech­nol­o­gy ...
上海: Yuyuan Garden · Estab­lished, it is said, in 1559. Od­d, but good ...
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