Wikipedia. BBC News. YouTube. Everyone on and on Plus, all feeds hosted at FeedBurner (and that’s a lot of feeds, including some pretty big-name bloggers). Mind you, all this changes, sometimes from week to week, they tell me. Still, you have to feel sorry for Chinese knowledge workers, fighting with one hand tied behind their back.


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From: John Cowan (Oct 23 2007, at 19:11)

Awww, ya missed the really winning title: Shanghaied (or Shanghaied in Shanghai, if you must).


From: Ryan Erwin (Oct 23 2007, at 23:38)

That is odd. When I first started traveling out here, the firewall rules inside of western hotels were configured so that you wouldn't really notice "The Great Firewall". It wasn't until I jacked into regular internet connections at home and the office that I found out about how much of those things were blocked.

Of course, if a "knowledge worker" can't figure out how to use ssh or one of the hundreds of online proxy services to get what they are looking for, it's a bit sad.

It's the common folks, the ones that are not knowledge workers, that are really affected by the domestic firewall. Those are the folks that can't get around it.

However, be aware that these firewalls exist in Iran and many other places too.


From: Brian King (Oct 24 2007, at 04:01)

I feel more sorry for the other folk. At least tech workers probably know some back doors to get around the censorship.


From: Mark A. Hershberger (Oct 24 2007, at 09:20)

Oh, I dunno. If you think about it, at least they don't have Dilbert's problem:


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