Ah, I see the RubyForgers have the new server on the air. That 4200 should do quite a bit better than the very basic Xeon it’s replacing, particularly since they were maxed out on I/O.

Actually, the RubyForge server was a bit of a clumsy exercise; first we shipped them the wrong model, then we forgot to ship rails for it. I mean rails not Rails, the things that hold it in the rack. Oh well, looks like a happy ending.

Insiders will realize that this is another step in our nefarious master plan to subvert the Ruby community. Someone’s been talking too much though: DHH found out about the evil guy with the cat (check the last para). Now that we’ve placed servers with Matz’s group and at RubyForge, and helped out the Rubinius code sprint, if we can just figure out how to get another of those innocent-looking boxes into the Rails dev shop, it’s just a matter of turning a switch and they’ll all be re-programmed into Java fanboys.

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October 10, 2007
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