You know, each and every one of these is worth a carefully-considered little essay; but I just don’t have the cycles, and publishing them is better than not.

War Criminal · Andrew Sullivan argues that the label applies to George W. Bush. I don’t know, he may be right, but I don’t think that’s what matters. What matters is, wherever you are in the world, make sure you keep any politicians who call themselves “conservative” well away from public office, because the chance of getting a result like the Republicans have given America just isn’t worth taking.

Unsubscribe · The “Global War on Terror” has clearly become part of the problem, not part of the solution. Unsubscribe me, please.

4pm · On the same theme, although it’s not obvious; Mrs O’Kana suggests some things a man could do at that time of day. Then follow the link to “A man at 4pm”.

Multiculturalism, Suckah! · My brother Rob, in Gang Boys, is amusing on the subject of vicious drug-fueled urban violence.

China Pictures · Yeah, everybody already pointed to these, but maybe you missed it somehow: Toys manufacture in China (25 pics). Look closely at the third last, people sleeping under a table, at what the woman is holding. What a world we live in.

Other Pictures · colour — and I wonder what other strange fruits will grow on the Web’s fabric?


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From: Mark (Oct 07 2007, at 08:03)

In Japan it's the advertising agency and magazine publisher employees who sleep in the office during crunch time. The foreign ad agencies have some pretty snazzy sleep quarters, while the magazines have bare-bones cots in the stairwells.


From: Jim (Oct 07 2007, at 18:55)

Regarding the "unsubscribe" site...I wonder if there's a similar site for Muslims to unsubscribe to their extremists. You know, the ones who relish in cutting off heads and blowing themselves up to kill as many civilians (women, children, whatever) and non-believers (aka non-Muslims or not the right *kind* of Muslims) as possible? If so, I wonder if it has any takers?


From: Rick Jelliffe (Oct 07 2007, at 20:26)

We can, of course, expect that the next generation of the executive branch will pre-emptively pardon the current executive, down to the level of loyal sacrificial lambs. Democracies are rightly loath to indite their senior politicians, to prevent tyranny. President Bush was not a big fan of travel anyway, so a few foreign warrants should not cramp his style.

Shocking that we should be in this situation.


From: Rick Jelliffe (Oct 08 2007, at 02:51)

For "Jim": The point is that we don't want to become just as bad as them. Kidnapping people from their homes based on shonky information from paid informants, taking them to other countries and subjecting them to torture to the extent that some even die, that is just as bad as what they do. Unleashing violent war with the casualties born largely by the uninvolved civilian population is exactly what we should be fighting against. To say that we should turn a blind eye to wrong-doing on our side, ignores both morality and military effectiveness: we need to be winning hearts and minds not repelling them.


From: Martin Seebach (Oct 08 2007, at 04:55)

It's an unusual lack of finesse for this website that you would generalize anyone labeled conservative as unfit for public office, and as a member of that group myself, I beg to differ.

There are very large communities of conservatives across the world, including in the US, that greatly opposes the policies of the George W. Bush administration, and I'm disappointed that you so flagrantly fail to acknowledge those.


From: len (Oct 08 2007, at 06:06)

Not really, Rick. The ground was well prepared for this.

Tim, be careful of labels. You are far too free with them and they are a bad habit in serious and practical analysis. Watch the behaviors and pronouncements these politicians make. When a man says he will do "anything" to get the results he is after, you may want to take that as fact and act accordingly. See Mein Kampf and tell Godwin to take a hike.

Early on some said as loudly as possible that a war on terror was a bad idea, that this was ultra-police work. It was all too easy for the embittered propagandists to draw the different emotional feeds into a single "hail mary" push into Iraq. I repeat: until you know why fear is working, you can't change the outcomes.

As to the extremists, I would rather take the risks than suffer suffocation by the owners and the soccer moms.


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