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Dirty Canadians? · I was go­ing to write about the Bur­ma Campaign’s Dir­ty List, nam­ing the Cana­di­an com­pa­nies there and sug­gest­ing they get of­f. But lit­tle bit of Web re­search seems to show that of the five com­pa­nies named, Ivan­hoe Mines, Jet Gold Corp, and Lee­ward Cap­i­tal have al­ready bailed from Bur­ma. So, as­sum­ing those guys aren’t ly­ing, good on ’em!
Simple Anti-Spam · I read my non-Sun email through GMail these days. It’s amus­ing to watch the ebb and flow of spam, as the bad guys fig­ure out a way through the de­fens­es, then Google patch­es that hole; re­peat forever. But there could be a lot less. If I could pick the char­ac­ter sets I can read, then it’d be au­to­mat­ic that any­thing in Chi­nese or Cyril­lic or He­brew or Ara­bic or Far­si or De­vana­gari is spam. Plus, any­thing that men­tions lot­tery in the ti­tle or the body, even on­ce. Plus, any­thing where the ti­tle is of the form “From XXX XXX”. That’d catch at least 75% of what’s still get­ting through.
The Intimate Internet · Here’s the thing: the Net’s killer app has al­ways been oth­er peo­ple. There are side ben­e­fit­s, like ac­cess to all the world’s in­for­ma­tion. But the links that mat­ter aren’t be­tween pages but peo­ple, and they’re strong and rich and sub­tle. Mul­ti­ply the in­fi­nite fla­vors in hu­man re­la­tion­ships by a thick­en­ing bun­dle of means-to-connect; that prod­uct is what’s new and what’s good and what’s ex­cit­ing. Peo­ple who are look­ing for the Next Big Thing are most­ly look­ing in the wrong places. And any­way, you don’t need to look, it’ll find you ...
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