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Dirty Canadians? · I was going to write about the Burma Campaign’s Dirty List, naming the Canadian companies there and suggesting they get off. But little bit of Web research seems to show that of the five companies named, Ivanhoe Mines, Jet Gold Corp, and Leeward Capital have already bailed from Burma. So, assuming those guys aren’t lying, good on ’em!
Simple Anti-Spam · I read my non-Sun email through GMail these days. It’s amusing to watch the ebb and flow of spam, as the bad guys figure out a way through the defenses, then Google patches that hole; repeat forever. But there could be a lot less. If I could pick the character sets I can read, then it’d be automatic that anything in Chinese or Cyrillic or Hebrew or Arabic or Farsi or Devanagari is spam. Plus, anything that mentions lottery in the title or the body, even once. Plus, anything where the title is of the form “From XXX XXX”. That’d catch at least 75% of what’s still getting through.
The Intimate Internet · Here’s the thing: the Net’s killer app has always been other people. There are side benefits, like access to all the world’s information. But the links that matter aren’t between pages but people, and they’re strong and rich and subtle. Multiply the infinite flavors in human relationships by a thickening bundle of means-to-connect; that product is what’s new and what’s good and what’s exciting. People who are looking for the Next Big Thing are mostly looking in the wrong places. And anyway, you don’t need to look, it’ll find you ...
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