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GlassFish V2 · It’s out to­day. Now, I don’t work with app servers that much, and I’ve hard­ly ev­er touched GlassFish. But this is in­ter­est­ing any­how, for two rea­son­s: First, GlassFish is an ex­am­ple of a soft­ware prod­uct that was strug­gling in the mar­ket, and is do­ing im­mense­ly bet­ter af­ter mov­ing from closed to Open Source. Smells like the fu­ture to me. Se­cond, check out that launch point­er: a blog clus­ter, with the mar­ket­ing ba­sics and a ton of highly-technical de­tail. I just don’t think there’s any oth­er sen­si­ble way to launch a mod­ern soft­ware pack­age whose users are de­vel­op­er­s.
Inside mod_atom · This is a lengthy note to my­self. I ini­tial­ly want­ed to cap­ture the think­ing that went in­to the con­struc­tion of mod­_atom while it was still fresh in my mind, and dumped out the first dozen or so sec­tion­s. Then as I ex­pand­ed and refac­tored the code, I find that I’m keep­ing this up to date. This most­ly by way of putting it in a place where I won’t lose it. I can write stuff for on­go­ing faster than for any oth­er medi­um, and “On the Net” is a good place not to lose stuff. If mod­_atom even­tu­al­ly gets picked up and used, this may be use­ful to me or any­one else who’s main­tain­ing it; and if it doesn’t, there’ll still even­tu­al­ly be an AtomPub serv­er mod­ule for Apache, and this might be use­ful to who­ev­er builds it. But this is not de­signed to be en­ter­tain­ing or ped­a­gog­i­cal; among oth­er things, it’s in es­sen­tial­ly ran­dom or­der ...
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