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Autumnal mod_atom · I just did a mas­sive check-in on mod­_atom, and it’s now not just an Atom Store, it’s al­so a ba­sic blog pub­lish­er. This frag­ment is about how it work­s, and in­cludes a con­fes­sion; I did one fair­ly aw­ful thing along the way ...
Fall Colours · Brown and yel­low, to be pre­cise. Leaf and Volk­swa­gen ...
The Sunday Contests · Who needs the NFL? The 0.00001% of the pop­u­la­tion who think Syn­di­ca­tion Se­man­tics and Web Ar­chi­tec­ture are all about fun ought to cruise by Sam Ruby’s space and take in the dis­cus­sion around One More Step For­ward?
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