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Bad, Feed Readers, Bad! · Piles of junk, I say. Par­don me, but I’m feel­ing grumpy. After much more work than it should have been, mod­_atom is now gen­er­at­ing rea­son­ably co­her­ent (not done yet, but get­ting there) HTML out­put and human-oriented (as op­posed to APP-oriented) Atom feed­s. It’s slight­ly id­iosyn­crat­ic XML, with lots of names­pace pre­fix­es. The Feed Val­ida­tor says it’s OK and I think it’s OK. But none of NetNewsWire or Vi­en­na or Blog­lines [Up­date: or Blog­bridge or Sa­far­i, or My Ya­hoo!, or Sage] can read it cor­rect­ly. I fart in their gen­er­al di­rec­tion. [Up­date: Google Read­er, Plan­et Venus, Snar­fer, Sim­plePie, Lifer­ea, Awa­su, Shrook, and Flock get it right! Good on ya, guys.] [Ah, Brent sent me a point­er to the lat­est be­ta of NetNewsWire 3.1, and it’s fine. I know oth­er peo­ple rave about GoogleRead­er and Vi­en­na and so on, but for me NNW is still way ahead of the pack in let­ting me scan a whole lot of news in al­most no time at al­l.] Are there any oth­er feed-reader im­ple­men­tors out there who think they can, you know, read XML cor­rect­ly?!?! If so, get in touch, and if you pro­cess my lit­tle bun­dle of joy prop­er­ly, I’ll lav­ish praise and links. Or if there’s a bug in the feed that nei­ther I nor the val­ida­tor can see, I’ll apol­o­gize humbly to the whole world. In any case, I’m go­ing to have to go back and patch up the code so it doesn’t emit any of those nasty colons and rel­a­tive URI ref­er­ences that ap­par­ent­ly hurt implementors’ frag­ile feel­ings. This does not im­prove my mood. [Up­date: Just to be clear, I’m not talk­ing about the on­go­ing feed; if you want to test your feed read­er, con­tact me and I’ll point you at the test feed.]
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