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Gripes · Are there any Face­book apps that aren’t pa­thet­i­cal­ly lame? Just won­der­ing. Al­so won­der­ing, why do I have to up­date my Face­book sta­tus, my Twit­ter sta­tus, and my chat sta­tus in three dif­fer­ent places? Which means that usu­al­ly I don’t. [Up­date: Wan­na change your sta­tus just once for ev­er­where? MoodBlast is da bom­b! Thanks, Dion.]
UnGigs · Be­ing a list of some cool events that I’m go­ing to but not speak­ing at, or not go­ing to but un­hap­py about. Item: I’m go­ing to both RubyConf and ApacheCon, but I have no at­ten­tion of climb­ing on a stage, I’m there to lis­ten and learn and schmooze. Item: I’m not go­ing to QCon San Fran­cis­co, even though they in­vit­ed me in the nicest way and it looks like a great pro­gram and good peo­ple. Just couldn’t make it work. Item: I’m not go­ing to the Colorado Soft­ware Sum­mit (I com­mit­ted to the Shang­hai gig) and this one breaks my heart, it looks like an out­stand­ing pro­gram. Item: I’m not go­ing to Grails eXchange 2007 be­cause I’m signed up for that Mid­west trip. A pity, that back­ground Groovy buzz isn’t let­ting up at al­l; glad to see there’ll be Sun peo­ple there.
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Hear Us Roar · I have re­peat­ed­ly groused in this space (and from the stage at one con­fer­ence or an­oth­er) about the hor­ri­ble gen­der im­bal­ance in our pro­fes­sion, but I’ve nev­er ac­tu­al­ly, you know, done any­thing con­struc­tive. Ta­tiana Apan­di over at O’Reilly has: check out Women in Tech­nol­o­gy.
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