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Heartbreak Hotel · On the one hand, there’s Elvis’ 1956 ver­sion, with the small band and lots of scream­ing. On the oth­er hand, there’s this 1990 ver­sion with nei­ther Elvis nor scream­ing, but with John Cale, Shawn Colv­in, and Richard Thomp­son. You pays your mon­ey and you takes your choice. Well ac­tu­al­ly, it’s all free, of course. What a won­der­ful world.
Upcoming Gig: Midwest Java Days · I’ll be do­ing the open­ing keynotes at the Mid­west Ja­va Tech­nol­o­gy Days in Min­neapo­lis and Chica­go on Oc­to­ber 16th and 18th re­spec­tive­ly. There’s an amus­ing sto­ry be­hind this one ...
Upcoming Gig: Shanghai · I’ve signed up to do a cou­ple of pre­sen­ta­tions at our Tech Days events; the first is in Shang­hai, Oc­to­ber 23-25. I’ve been to Hong Kong lots but nev­er to the PRC prop­er; ex­cit­ing! Ob­vi­ous­ly I’ll have to pull to­geth­er some oth­er things to do if I’m go­ing all the way across the Paci­fic.
Website Gems · It’s hard for cor­po­rate Web sites to be in­ter­est­ing. My feel­ing is that gen­er­al­ly, you’d like them to make it easy for peo­ple to find what they need, and oth­er­wise get out of the way. Hav­ing said that, there are two Sun-Web things that, just in the last week, gave me a big smile. First, FOSS Open Hard­ware Doc­u­men­ta­tion. One of the ma­jor ob­sta­cles faced by the peo­ple who build Free and Open-Source op­er­at­ing sys­tems (i.e. us, the pen­guin­istas, and the BSDer­s) is get­ting the hard­ware builders to pub­lish spec­s; his­tor­i­cal­ly, they’ve been fright­ened of those weird open-source hip­pies. Wel­l, we’re a hard­ware builder, and that page is try­ing to ag­gre­gate all the specs that kernel-builders might need. Si­mon Phipps tells me that this is a big job, with lots of le­gal due-diligence, and it’ll nev­er be com­plete. But at least a good start. Se­cond, check out this screen­cast about wik­is.­sun.­com. When this went by in the in­ter­nal email I skipped it—who’d watch a screen­cast about a wik­i? But hey, it’s good, check it out.
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