OK, here’s the problem. It’s a warm day, and kind of stuffy, and what you’re working on isn’t that interesting, and you’re really having trouble keeping a grip. Here’s the solution: double iced latte!

Did I say “not that interesting”? Hah. The routines for adding HTML output to mod_atom are the most tedious bloody code I’ve written since I did the I/O subsystem, in COBOL, for the Toronto Airport staff dispatcher, in 1982 or so. Here’s a dirty secret: mod_atom, I think, does something really useful and may have a future. However, it’s not, actually, you know, interesting inside. But I digress.

What you do is drop by your local coffee joint and order a double-shot latte with ice. Lauren says this isn’t a real iced coffee, which in Germany comes with ice-cream. And you sure can’t drink it the way they give it to you; it’s incredibly bitter. So you put in two or three large spoonfuls of brown sugar. You have to stir really a lot because coarse brown sugar doesn’t dissolve that readily in icy fluid. And in fact you get some not-unpleasant bits of crunchy sugar through the straw. Cowabunga, let’s crunch some code!


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From: Dan Sickles (Aug 30 2007, at 19:10)

I've been looking for a good Diet Coke replacement to wean myself of that (delicious) chemical soup. I think I know what to do. I used to make my own brown sugar by mixing granulated white sugar and molasses..as dark as I wanted it. How does Splenda and molasses in iced latte sound? I'll find out. The biggest problem I foresee is the low volume/sweet ratio of Splenda. Maybe I'll just put the Splenda in the iced latte and then see how much molasses it can dissolve. The biggest downside, assuming that it tastes good, will be the lack of not-unpleasant bits of sugar.


From: Matt Brubeck (Aug 30 2007, at 20:41)

This NYT article convinced me to try cold-brewed iced coffee. <i>"Without the bitterness produced by hot water, the cold-brewed coffee had hints of chocolate, even caramel. I dropped my sugar packet — no need for it. The best brews hardly need cream."</i>


From: Ernie (Aug 30 2007, at 20:47)

My fave is vietnamese iced coffee - very strong and made with sweetened condensed milk.


From: Mark Kelly (Aug 31 2007, at 09:29)

Next time try a Thai coffee: no need to ad sugar.


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