Hey, this is my blog, if I want to run a picture of my wife and my mother, I can.

Lauren Wood and Jean Bray

On Mom’s back porch in Regina, Saskatchewan.


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From: Aitor (Aug 26 2007, at 12:29)

And you're on the picture too!


From: Daniel Veillard (Aug 26 2007, at 13:21)

Hi Tim,

I like the fact that ome can guess you're

there via the reflection on the windows.

That picture could not exist without you

so being able to guess your presence gives

a nice touch IMHO.

Best from France,



From: John Cowan (Aug 27 2007, at 04:20)

It's evident just from her appearance that your mother is a woman of amazing character and widely varied experiences. Tell her thank you from me.


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