Today we have some Atomic Apple love, iPhone Web friendliness, RelaxNG praise, and JVM Language widening.

Apple and Atom · The cool new .mac Web Gallery offering comes with nicely-valid Atom 1.0 feeds; here’s Whump’s.

iPhone and the Web · Check out Dan Connolly’s iPhone Developer Guidelines Promote One Web, Open Standards. It’s amazing how well things work when you set things up that go with the way the Web wants to flow.

How to Schematize XML · Use RelaxNG, not XSD. Most people already know this, but Alex over at the Griffin Brown weblog offers 10 reasons to model XML with RELAX NG, not W3C XML Schema. Good stuff.

JVM Languages Group · You know, it’s remarkable, there’s all these Ruby implementations going on in parallel, and they all get along. Then there’s all these different JVM-language projects going on, and what do you know, they all pretty well get along, too (modulo some occasional Groovy grouchiness).

Our own Charles Nutter is trying to build some structure around all this good fellow-feeling and is making good progress; check out Widening the JVM Languages Group: We Need You! I’m subscribed to the JVM Languages Group and while I have to admit that quite a bit of it goes over my head, I can tell useful collegial discourse when I’m in the same room, and it’s happening here.


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From: Mark (Aug 08 2007, at 21:35)

.Mac galleries don't degrade gracefully without JavaScript; you just get a blank page with a forever-spinning icon. fails markup validation with 137 errors.

The "Subscribe" link in the album toolbar takes you to a funky RSS 2.0 feed which fails validation with multiple errors.

The Atom feed you pointed to is technically valid (although the feed validator/linter warns about a few oddities), but that misses the point: the feed is completely useless. It doesn't include the images (either in a link rel='enclosure' or in embedded HTML in a content element), and the entry links it provides don't actually take you to the specific photos in question.


From: Sam McCall (Aug 09 2007, at 03:06)

I was curious as to what the links did point to.

This browser is incompatible with .Mac Web Gallery.

We support the following browsers:

Mac OS X

Firefox 1.5 or later

I suppose accessing an Apple site with Safari would be too much to ask.

(I'm assuming it's because only Safari 2.0 is supported, and Safari 2.0 doesn't run on OS X 10.3. I still found it amusing.)


From: Bruce (Aug 09 2007, at 06:51)

The Apple web gallery pages also aren't valid XHTML; no namespace declaration.


From: Graeme Rocher (Aug 10 2007, at 05:30)

If it wasn't for the occasional flame inciting comment regarding Groovy from you we would get along a lot better too.


From: Dustin Whitney (Aug 13 2007, at 07:42)

I like reading your blog. But I agree with Graeme, and I'm glad he commented on it.


From: John Wilson (Aug 15 2007, at 10:56)

Whist I'm not to happy about Graeme's way of putting it I agree with his general sentiment.

Tim, you are a senior Sun executive, why would you pick fights with people who are trying to increase the adoption of one of your company's core technologies?


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