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1½ Days of APP Interop · Check the results. This makes me very glad, as did the hours on the IRC, trying code, patching code, peering at logfiles, laughing at each other... making it work. This is how the Net gets better. Like I said last time, Windows Live Writer is da bomb, other people who are in the blogging-client biz better watch out ...
wikis.sun.com · It’s been a little over three years since I announced blogs.sun.com. Well, welcome to wikis.sun.com and in particular my corner of it, The Tim Bray Sun-wiki Ranch ...
Tired · Our fourteen-month-old has never been a particularly good sleeper, and in recent weeks it’s been brutal; she’s squalling in bed every so often, and has a major meltdown in the middle of most nights. Yeah, we’ve read the books and done the research and have tried some things and are trying others, some kids are just lousy sleepers. Time is on our side. I should be going to bed earlier, only it’s summer and the evenings are warm and my work is compelling and everything’s hurtling forward. But I apologize in advance to those I may snarl at inappropriately.
Watching the Mideast · There are glimmers of good news amidst the wreckage; at least in the Israel-Palestine sector. The shape of the eventual settlement has been so clear for so long, and the costs of letting either side’s dimwit maniacs block it are becoming increasingly unbearable. Hopes have been dashed so many times, and I’m as cynical an observer as you’ll find anywhere, but I’m having trouble suppressing little surges of optimism ...
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