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1½ Days of APP Interop · Check the re­sults. This makes me very glad, as did the hours on the IRC, try­ing code, patch­ing code, peer­ing at log­files, laugh­ing at each oth­er... mak­ing it work. This is how the Net gets bet­ter. Like I said last time, Win­dows Live Writ­er is da bom­b, oth­er peo­ple who are in the blogging-client biz bet­ter watch out ...
wikis.sun.com · It’s been a lit­tle over three years since I an­nounced blogs.­sun.­com. Wel­l, wel­come to wik­is.­sun.­com and in par­tic­u­lar my cor­ner of it, The Tim Bray Sun-wiki Ranch ...
Tired · Our fourteen-month-old has nev­er been a par­tic­u­lar­ly good sleep­er, and in re­cent weeks it’s been bru­tal; she’s squalling in bed ev­ery so of­ten, and has a ma­jor melt­down in the mid­dle of most night­s. Yeah, we’ve read the books and done the re­search and have tried some things and are try­ing oth­er­s, some kids are just lousy sleep­er­s. Time is on our side. I should be go­ing to bed ear­lier, on­ly it’s sum­mer and the evenings are warm and my work is com­pelling and everything’s hurtling for­ward. But I apol­o­gize in ad­vance to those I may snarl at in­ap­pro­pri­ate­ly.
Watching the Mideast · There are glim­mers of good news amidst the wreck­age; at least in the Israel-Palestine sec­tor. The shape of the even­tu­al set­tle­ment has been so clear for so long, and the costs of let­ting ei­ther side’s dimwit ma­ni­acs block it are be­com­ing in­creas­ing­ly un­bear­able. Hopes have been dashed so many times, and I’m as cyn­i­cal an ob­serv­er as you’ll find any­where, but I’m hav­ing trou­ble sup­press­ing lit­tle surges of op­ti­mis­m ...
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