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Atomic News · We had a lit­tle on­line Atom Pro­to­col in­terop ses­sion to­day, via IRC and servers scat­tered here and there about the globe. I got mod­_atom to work with Apache Ab­dera and Win­dows Live Writ­er. With a cou­ple of lit­tle glitch­es in each case, fixed on the spot (that’s what the ses­sion is for), we had 100% squeaky-clean in­terop. Earth to client tool­mak­er­s: pay at­ten­tion, or you’re gonna be eat­ing WLW’s dust ...
Sunday · One of those great sum­mer days. Base­bal­l, hap­py boys, good food, and sun­lit flow­er­s, all among friend­s ...
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