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Executable Babel · Here are two con­sid­er­a­tions of the fact that try­ing to get work done in just one pro­gram­ming lan­guage is no more like­ly to be pos­si­ble in the fu­ture than it has been in the past: Neal Ford’s Poly­glot Pro­gram­ming and Martin Fowler’s Should we strive to on­ly have one lan­guage in our de­vel­op­ment ef­fort­s? Both are worth read­ing, part­ly be­cause they take up more gen­er­al is­sues like con­cur­ren­cy and the old stat­ic/­dy­nam­ic de­bate. But both con­clude that yeah, no sur­prise, the fu­ture is mul­ti­lin­gual. So how do we in­te­grate ’em al­l? ...
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Last Man Standing · From the BBC, this sto­ry, with video, fea­tur­ing 109-year-old Har­ry Patch, the last liv­ing Bri­tish vet­er­an of the 1914-18 trench war­fare, on a trip to the Pass­chen­daele bat­tle­field. I found it tremen­dous­ly mov­ing. The one thing Patch want­ed to do? Lay a wreath at the memo­ri­al to the Ger­man war dead. Lis­ten to him, a liv­ing voice com­ing over the In­ter­net out of the past, say­ing wise things.
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5★♫: Cinquième Saison · This one is kind of ob­scure, but worth hunt­ing down; the full ti­tle is Si on avait be­soin d’une cinquième sai­son, record­ed by Har­mo­ni­um in 1975, who were a Big Deal in Québec back then. I’m sure it would ap­pear in my per­son­al top-ten-of-all-time list, com­put­ed by how many times I’ve lis­tened; mind you, that’s with 32 years of ac­cu­mu­la­tion. But I still put it on, and I’ve nev­er played it for any­one who didn’t like it. It’s mel­low, sweep­ing, and full of beau­ti­ful melodies, beau­ti­ful­ly per­formed, that you’ll find your­self hum­ming while you walk down the street. (“5★♫” se­ries in­tro­duc­tion here; with an ex­pla­na­tion of why the ti­tle may look bro­ken.) ...
FY07: Disclosure · I’ve nev­er be­fore com­ment­ed on Sun’s fi­nan­cials or share price, so I should start off by em­pha­siz­ing that I’m not a fi­nan­cial in­sid­er, in the­o­ry or prac­tice; I have ex­act­ly ze­ro ad­vance knowl­edge on how any giv­en quarter’s go­ing. I haven’t worked at a big pub­lic com­pa­ny since the Eight­ies, so I don’t know whether this is typ­i­cal, but I’ve been im­pressed at the da­ta con­trol; there’s cer­tain­ly a ru­mor mill here but I’ve nev­er heard a sin­gle whis­per on fi­nan­cial­s. Any­how, this all means I can buy and sell shares when­ev­er I wan­t, and I have been ...
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Atomic Financial Publishing · Wel­l, the first-ever re­lease of a ma­jor pub­lic company’s fi­nan­cials via the We­b, in ad­vance of the con­ven­tion­al newswire ser­vice, is his­to­ry. It went OK, but we can do bet­ter. Ob­vi­ous­ly, these dis­cus­sions have been go­ing on for a while, and ob­ser­vant read­ers may have no­ticed I vis­it­ed Wash­ing­ton last March. How­ev­er, the go-ahead to do the num­bers on the Web came very re­cent­ly, and so the mech­a­nism was an or­di­nary RSS feed. We should pub­lish this in Atom, and do it over a TLS chan­nel, and sup­ply a dig­i­tal sig­na­ture. Stand by for next quar­ter ...
The Moon · I was com­ing home from a late night out and the moon hung ful­l, bright in the wind­shield. I’ve tried to pho­to­graph it so many times over the years and gen­er­al­ly failed. Fi­nal­ly, a par­tial suc­cess, which I’ll in­dulge my­self by shar­ing with the Net ...
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