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Executable Babel · Here are two considerations of the fact that trying to get work done in just one programming language is no more likely to be possible in the future than it has been in the past: Neal Ford’s Polyglot Programming and Martin Fowler’s Should we strive to only have one language in our development efforts? Both are worth reading, partly because they take up more general issues like concurrency and the old static/dynamic debate. But both conclude that yeah, no surprise, the future is multilingual. So how do we integrate ’em all? ...
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Last Man Standing · From the BBC, this story, with video, featuring 109-year-old Harry Patch, the last living British veteran of the 1914-18 trench warfare, on a trip to the Passchendaele battlefield. I found it tremendously moving. The one thing Patch wanted to do? Lay a wreath at the memorial to the German war dead. Listen to him, a living voice coming over the Internet out of the past, saying wise things.
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5★♫: Cinquième Saison · This one is kind of obscure, but worth hunting down; the full title is Si on avait besoin d’une cinquième saison, recorded by Harmonium in 1975, who were a Big Deal in Québec back then. I’m sure it would appear in my personal top-ten-of-all-time list, computed by how many times I’ve listened; mind you, that’s with 32 years of accumulation. But I still put it on, and I’ve never played it for anyone who didn’t like it. It’s mellow, sweeping, and full of beautiful melodies, beautifully performed, that you’ll find yourself humming while you walk down the street. (“5★♫” series introduction here; with an explanation of why the title may look broken.) ...
FY07: Disclosure · I’ve never before commented on Sun’s financials or share price, so I should start off by emphasizing that I’m not a financial insider, in theory or practice; I have exactly zero advance knowledge on how any given quarter’s going. I haven’t worked at a big public company since the Eighties, so I don’t know whether this is typical, but I’ve been impressed at the data control; there’s certainly a rumor mill here but I’ve never heard a single whisper on financials. Anyhow, this all means I can buy and sell shares whenever I want, and I have been ...
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Atomic Financial Publishing · Well, the first-ever release of a major public company’s financials via the Web, in advance of the conventional newswire service, is history. It went OK, but we can do better. Obviously, these discussions have been going on for a while, and observant readers may have noticed I visited Washington last March. However, the go-ahead to do the numbers on the Web came very recently, and so the mechanism was an ordinary RSS feed. We should publish this in Atom, and do it over a TLS channel, and supply a digital signature. Stand by for next quarter ...
The Moon · I was coming home from a late night out and the moon hung full, bright in the windshield. I’ve tried to photograph it so many times over the years and generally failed. Finally, a partial success, which I’ll indulge myself by sharing with the Net ...
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