Blogging, I mean. Up till now, I had known exactly one instance of a successful high-volume blogger who just walked away from it: Russell Beattie, who closed up shop in April 2006. Well, he’s back. Two things you need to know about him: he is extremely expert on the mobile technology business, and his surname rhymes with “she catty” or “he ratty” or “me fatty”. I’ve subscribed.


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From: StanD. (Jul 26 2007, at 17:02)

Hmmm..."high-volume bloggers" is a bit of a self-selecting group don't you think? Which comes first, the addiction or the blogging?


From: dbt (Jul 26 2007, at 20:37)

Well, there's the late lamented billmon's wihskey bar, but too often tech bloggers mean tech bloggers when they say bloggers (and political bloggers mean political blogger when they say bloggers). Which is funny, because everybody else thinks "13 year old girl posting cat pictures and poetry."


From: Postmodern Sass (Jul 27 2007, at 11:17)

Here's one for you: Tequila Mockingbird ( won "Best Kept Secret" blog in the Bloggies a couple of years ago. Very popular; excellent writer; huge following.

In December 2005 she wrote a funny post about mittens vs. gloves, then disappeared for more than a year, during which time her blog was taken over by spammers who rearranged her posts to make it look like they were current, and plastered her site with ads.

I know her through a mutual acquaintance. I emailed him and told him what was going on with her blog. He emailed her, and said she just didn't care.

And the Internet was sad, for there was no more Tequila Mockingbird.

Then, last April, she came back and wrote a very funny post about how she was not, in fact, dead. Since then, only one other post, though.

Not sure whether that qualifies as coming back or not.


From: David Orchard (Jul 29 2007, at 13:34)

I don't know of any folks that have formally stopped blogging, but an awful lot of people have faded away. My own blog goes in fits and starts. It also seems to me that many of the blogs that I used to read are really inactive these days. Seems to me that many of the early adopters are doing different things with their time.


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