Oooh, check it out; is that cool or what? Up till now I didn’t really want an iPhone, but I’m slipping. Of course Apple will see this as a problem that must be patched, sigh.


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From: Rob Koberg (Jul 23 2007, at 14:43)

There are a few ajax ssh clients. A quick search turns this up at the top:


From: Mark (Jul 23 2007, at 15:50)

Rob is missing the point. This is an ssh server running on the iPhone, not a client.

I must admit though, that I've never understood the fascination with hacking devices like this, other than the ZOMG WE CAN RUN LINUX ON A TOASTER bragging rights. If you have to break a device to get it to do what you want, why did you buy it? Vendors are like toddlers (at best!), and you're just encouraging bad behavior.


From: Dr Nic (Jul 23 2007, at 23:38)

@mark - I think the 1000s of ppl who hacked their original Xboxes so they could run a Media Center app on it would disagree. I think the MC "extension" was the killer app for the Xbox, and it was a hack unsupported by M$


From: Kraig (Jul 24 2007, at 01:31)

We'll be waiting for the major iPhone update. There are too many confusions with this device...


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