I’ve talked this up before, but with Lauren in Oxford this week, I’ve really come to appreciate the benefits of running Skype with a good Bluetooth headset. She sounds like she’s sitting next to me, you don’t have to punch in 15-digit numbers, and it’s free.


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From: Geoff Arnold (Jul 23 2007, at 15:10)

As a regular user of Skype to talk to friends and family in England, let be gently correct you. International calling is dirt cheap, but not free. I reload my account with 10 euros when needed; it lasts many months.


From: Tim Bray (Jul 23 2007, at 16:46)

Geoff, she's got a computer too, and high-quality Internet at the room in the Oxford college where she's staying. So actually it is free.


From: Steve Loughran (Jul 24 2007, at 01:09)

Presumably she's running a machine (mac?) where bluetooth works well and connecting to headsets is easy? Because on my winXP+BT experience, the headset is more hassle than its worth; a pair of headphones avoids the 10 minute fiddling, discovery and testing needed for it to work.


From: walter (Jul 24 2007, at 08:14)

What about jajah. It use regular land lines to make free calls to another landline.. .and it'free as longs as the person who you are calling is also a member. i have used it twice. and it was free. i used a browser to dial, it rings my cell/land line , I pick it up and then the call is placed to the person i wish to contact. cool


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