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Prius · I was going to be driving up and down the Valley for the best part of four days and Avis bollixed up my reso somehow so the usual mostly-harmless mid-size wasn’t available. “Wanna Blazer?” the redcoat said and I said “Whatever”; F2F with the Blazer I was reminded it’s an SUV the size of one of new high-density Vancouver townhouses. I couldn’t face the thought of hauling this ill-formed mass of steel up and down the California tarmac, and as I was walking back to say “No” passed a row of Prii so I said “Prius” instead and the guy said “You sure? They’re weird, no key, can’t figure ’em out myself.” And you know, it’s not bad at all ...
Two From David · I’d like to encourage you to read two things featuring David Weinberger. I’ve been meaning to post about his new book for some time, but just recently ran across his “Web 2.0” debate with Andrew Keen over at the WSJ Online, and if you care at all about this here Web thang, you really ought to go take it in. Not because it’ll educate and inform you (though it will) but because it’s good fun. I find the Net-centered life sufficiently fulfilling and self-supporting that I wouldn’t take the time to react to a provocateur like Keen, but it’s nice that David does so, while entertaining us ...
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