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Missing Information Workers · Awww... they’re gone. Check out Microsoft’s third-quarter fi­nan­cials, and com­pare them to the year be­fore. No­tice any­thing dif­fer­en­t? Client-side earn­ings used to be bro­ken in­to “Client” and “Information Worker”. This year, they’re all rolled up in­to “Client” (and damn im­pres­sive num­bers I must say, $4.244B net on $5.272B gross). I guess there’s a lit­tle less scope for this kind of thing, and gosh, I like in­for­ma­tion work­er­s.
Missing Rejections · I’ve on­ly been on Face­book for a lit­tle while; I vis­it my turf there once or twice a day when a friend­ing re­quest comes in (I won­der if/when they’ll quit flow­ing?) I ac­cept them from any­one I ac­tu­al­ly know. Some­time in re­cent days the “Reject” but­ton went away, to be re­placed by an “Ignore” but­ton. Much less un­com­fort­able to click on, wouldn’t you say? I won­der if the ex­pe­ri­ence is less painful for the ig­noree than the re­jectee? (I haven’t got around to propo­si­tion­ing any­one in week­s, so I don’t know). Face­book feels in­creas­ing­ly an­o­dyne; maybe that’s the point?
From Route One · A beach, some­where north of Half Moon Bay. It’s get­ting late ...
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