IBM’s Project Zero looks refreshing and sane; I wonder if the people still struggling in the WSDL swamp will be allowed to take the Zero Option. Of course, there’s this, from the About Project Zero page: “Commercial means that this is not an open source project.” [Emphasis theirs]. But... uh... isn’t... what about... oh, never mind.


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From: Scot (Jul 02 2007, at 13:43)

So, some team at IBM use multiple open source technologies to build what could have been an interesting project (especially for Groovy users like myself), but turn around and decide to keep the results proprietary. For some reason, they still expect community involvement. Why?

The only people who would have been interested in it outside of Big Blue aren't going to get involved. A stillborn community for a pointless proprietary product. And using a .org for a commercial product seems disingenuous. I think I'll stick to grails.


From: Geoff Arnold (Jul 03 2007, at 00:54)

Well, if this is an IBM-sponsored activity, it seems to be a remarkably amateurish effort. I just clicked through to their site, and was greeted by the following messages. Maybe a twiki-bot DOS'd them, but even so.....

Software error:

flush(): couldn't store datastr: store(): couldn't close '/var/twiki/cgisess_8a281e9a750bb45c57e43e5c45e42ef0': No space left on device at /zerogpfs/stlzro1/wiki/lib/TWiki/ line 451.

For help, please send mail to the webmaster ([no address given]), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.


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