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Jerry Yang · Yahoo’s new CEO sure hasn’t been getting much respect, I’m not gonna link to the put-downs but you’ve probably seen them. I think most of these people don’t know Jerry. Back in the mid-Nineties, I got to know him pretty well when my then-employer Open Text had a Yahoo partnership. I quickly became convinced that even if he hadn’t stumbled into the Yahoo directory rocket-ride (it used to be a directory, anyone remember?) Jerry would have had a brilliant business career. He’s smart and a good communicator and open-minded and really understands the Web better than any dozen grizzled senior business types. In terms of generic-executive skills, probably he learned a lot from Semel and his predecessor Tim Koogle. I think a bet against Yahoo and Jerry might not be very smart right around now.
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東京 XII: Changing · I’ve been coming to Tokyo since 1991 or so, and while Japanese culture is often called insular and set-in-its-ways, the changes have been dramatic ...
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