This is just a thank-you to a few of my Tokyo colleagues, but it has my favorite picture from the whole trip.

All these pictures were taken at a Shabu-shabu restaurant down a back street off a back street somewhere in Shibuya. I hadn’t had Shabu-shabu in years, and it’d been a long day and I was starving and it was good; Charles Nutter (he was sitting opposite) and I polished off maybe two or three more platters of meat than was strictly necessary, and I had some surprising dreams and digestive sensations that night.

The first picture is Takashi Shitamichi, who organized our time in Tokyo; he did a fantastic job, setting us up with interesting people doing interesting things; we learned a lot and I hope we managed to leave some useful ideas behind. He’s hard-working, smart, and an old Unix hacker; what’s not to like? Thank-you Takashi!

Takashi Shitamichi

Also out at that restaurant was Takayuki Okazaki, who introduced me to the pleasures of fondling a Ricoh GX-100. In fact, you can see his pictures of RubyKaigi and that dinner, one taken by me with the Ricoh, here.

Takayuki Okazaki

Our other host that evening was Masaki Katakai; he’s also got pictures of the conference and the dinner and so on if you scroll down. The picture of Masaki-san is maybe my favorite from the Tokyo trip.

Masaki Katakai


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From: Stuart Marks (Jun 22 2007, at 09:43)

Next time you're in the Bay Area and want shabu-shabu, there's a relatively new place on Castro in Mountain View called Shabuway. I was there a few weeks ago and I thought it was pretty good. It doesn't offer the networking possibilities of shabu-shabu in Tokyo, though.


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