These are eventful times in the world of Web technologies. First, Paul Querna has a couple of tasty little morsels for us, the freshest being mod_never_expire. Then there’s the W3C’s Web of Services for Enterprise Computing Workshop Report; I thought the pungent smells of failure on one side and optimism on the other mixed oddly, but still worth reading. On the lighter side, check out DeWitt Clinton’s excellent Monoball. Finally, Doug Purdy, longtime shaper of Microsoft’s view of the Web, is back with his own APP engine (subscribe to that in your feed-reader rather than your browser, and Doug, you should serve that as something other than application/xml). Finally, all the machinery that the Java-EE people pulled together to play as nice as possible in the WS-swamp has a new name: Project Metro. Eduardo has the narrative, which seems sensible to me.


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From: Paul Downey (Jun 20 2007, at 17:35)

So the report is a "curate's egg", good in parts.


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