I believe it’s been a couple of years since I’ve inflicted a Vancouver sunset on ongoing readers, so here are three. What happened was, Eve Maler and her husband were here; we had dinner together and went for walk in the dusk west from Kitsilano beach. I was itching for a chance to work out the new wide-angle lens, and the mountains and the ocean are just the ticket.

Vancouver sunset
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Vancouver sunset
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Vancouver sunset

It’s hard not to take pictures of sunsets if you live here; way too many, in fact. In the acronym “AFS”, the “A” stands for Another.


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From: Stuart Dootson (Jun 04 2007, at 01:10)

You're not wrong - I've only been to the Vancouver area once and I took entirely too many sunset photos (and that was before digital, too). It was actually Vancouver Island, but from where I'm sitting, 6000 miles away, that's near enough to Vancouver :-)


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