I bet most of you have never seen pictures of an international Field Hockey match, but I got some.

What happened was, the 7-year-old decided that he wanted to try out field hockey, a sport I’ve never been near. This last weekend, the Chilean men’s and women’s national teams were in town for friendlies with the Canadians, and the kid brought home a flyer from practice. So we went, and I took the telephoto of course.

We got there toward the end of the women’s game, and now I regret not arriving sooner, they were a bit more visually dramatic than the men, and since I don’t really understand the strategy or tactics, visuals are the thing.

Canada vs. Chile, women’s field hockey

Most goals seem to involve goal-mouth scrambles, with the ball bouncing around in front of the net and a lot of players in there. Here’s a goal being scored, and the ensuing celebration.

Canada vs. Chile, men’s field hockey
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Canada vs. Chile, men’s field hockey

Here’s another goalmouth scramble, but nobody scored.

Canada vs. Chile, men’s field hockey

The game gets pretty physical sometimes.

Canada vs. Chile, men’s field hockey

It’s more like soccer to watch than like any other sport. It’s all passing, there don’t seem to be many instances of individual attackers knifing through the defense. I enjoyed photographing it, but I don’t think I’ll become a big fan.


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From: John Cowan (May 28 2007, at 22:41)

Classical ice hockey was like that too: the passing-based game only disappeared in the 70s or 80s.


From: Phil (May 29 2007, at 02:25)

Oh, you mean *hockey*... But why aren't they playing on a real pitch? There seems to be plenty of grass around the place.


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