Lauren has a problem: it’s “about what to name the thing that names names”.


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From: nessuno (May 24 2007, at 23:48)

A Dictionary?


From: Kraig (May 28 2007, at 07:25)

Naming is also the hardest issue for me. I'm not native english speaker.. I want to start new online project (in english) with my partner, it will be a site dedicated to "5-star" software. But now we have the "naming" problem. Does "Deluxe Files" good/bad name for this?

p.s. My friend didn't buy Ford "Mondeo", only because this

word sounds like a curse in russian...


From: Kevin Marks (May 28 2007, at 23:30)

if it names names, isn't it a stool pigeon?


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