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search.technorati.com · Now, this is what I’ve al­ways want­ed. I’m feel­ing kind of un­hap­py with my­self; time af­ter time, Dave Sifry has showed me some new frip­pery they’re rolling out at Tech­no­rati and I’ve said “Yeah, that’s kind of cool, maybe you could twid­dle X” even though it didn’t turn my per­son­al crank that much. My prob­lem has been that I was as­sum­ing that the way I want to use Tech­no­rati is un­usu­al. I use it for van­i­ty feeds of course, but the when I go to the site, I on­ly ev­er want to ask two ques­tion­s: “What are they say­ing about <insert re­cent event>?” and “Where was that ar­ti­cle I saw re­cent­ly about <insert subject>?” The new, very Google-flavored search.tech­no­rati.­com does those things, and that’s all it does. Plus, it seems a whole lot faster ...
Three Flowers · I’m pro­gram­ming these days in an en­vi­ron­ment that makes me grumpy, so I con­sole my­self by shoot­ing flow­er­s. Th­ese are es­pe­cial­ly tasty, I think ...
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