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Another Defeat for XML · <Snicker> I’m talking about Buildr, a drop-in replacement for Maven; I’ve never used Maven but boy do people ever hate it. Buildr is written in Ruby not Java, it uses a DSL-ish Ruby dialect for build files instead of XML, and it’s way faster.
Crashy Mac · I still really like my compact, power-stingy, WiFi-sensitive black MacBook but you know, it’s crashing a couple of times a week. Symptom: frozen screen, no response to keyboard or mouse. This is not what I pay the Mac premium for, and I’m grouchy. In particular since it sometimes crashes hard enough to destroy things; Apple’s lackadaisical attitude towards file preservation (see here and here) has cost me my Library/Preferences folder once (ouch!) and little bits and pieces on other occasions. I wonder if it’s the hardware or this particular version of Tiger?
OpenID at Work · On both the Internet and behind the firewall, the identity problem gets uglier every year. How many passwords do you have? If you’re in IT, how much pain do you go through getting your all your apps to share a notion of who someone is? There are a lot of smart people working on these problems, but progress has been crushingly slow. We’re doing a little something with OpenID this week that won’t turn the world inside out but I think shows that progress is possible ...
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