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Another Defeat for XML · <Snicker> I’m talk­ing about Buil­dr, a drop-in re­place­ment for Maven; I’ve nev­er used Maven but boy do peo­ple ev­er hate it. Buil­dr is writ­ten in Ru­by not Java, it us­es a DSL-ish Ru­by di­alect for build files in­stead of XML, and it’s way faster.
Crashy Mac · I still re­al­ly like my com­pact, power-stingy, WiFi-sensitive black MacBook but you know, it’s crash­ing a cou­ple of times a week. Symp­tom: frozen screen, no re­sponse to key­board or mouse. This is not what I pay the Mac pre­mi­um for, and I’m grouchy. In par­tic­u­lar since it some­times crash­es hard enough to de­stroy things; Apple’s lack­adaisi­cal at­ti­tude to­wards file preser­va­tion (see here and here) has cost me my Li­brary/Pref­er­ences fold­er once (ouch!) and lit­tle bits and pieces on oth­er oc­ca­sion­s. I won­der if it’s the hard­ware or this par­tic­u­lar ver­sion of Tiger?
OpenID at Work · On both the In­ter­net and be­hind the fire­wal­l, the iden­ti­ty prob­lem gets ugli­er ev­ery year. How many pass­words do you have? If you’re in IT, how much pain do you go through get­ting your all your apps to share a no­tion of who some­one is? There are a lot of smart peo­ple work­ing on these prob­lem­s, but progress has been crush­ing­ly slow. We’re do­ing a lit­tle some­thing with OpenID this week that won’t turn the world in­side out but I think shows that progress is pos­si­ble ...
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