We went for early Sunday dinner at the terrace at the Jericho Sailing Club and then of course for a walk on the pier. On the pier was free entertainment; Kris Holm was having a performance filmed. He claims to be the world’s best known Mountain Unicyclist, a category that’s new to me. I got a few pictures.

His technique was pretty impressive; cycling along the narrow top of the pier railings and working his way around 90° turns; leaping the unicycle from one railing to another, and hurtling to ground from way up in the air.

Kris Holm being filmed on the Jericho Pier, Vancouver
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Kris Holm being filmed on the Jericho Pier, Vancouver

This is the new lens at work, of course; the auto-focus worked like a champ when Mr. Holm was hurtling down a railing directly toward me.

When we were leaving the pier I thought “Oh, of course” and hurried back and called out to where he was perched up on the pier, saying “Hey, got a web site? I have a blog, mind if I run a picture and link?”


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From: Daniel (Apr 29 2007, at 22:54)

Whow, impressing unicyclist. I should try this too on the eaves gutter in front of my window. ;)


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