I said I wasn’t going to post flowers every day but I unloaded the little camera and found this subdued trillium.


There’ll be more when I come home, because as I headed off to California I saw they were turning pink.


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From: Andrew Phoenix (Apr 25 2007, at 05:35)

On the topic of the A710:

You've had it, at my count, for a little over a month. Do you like it more or less now? What is your general impression? My partner's camera broke, and she would like to stay in the Canon family, so I'm considering buying her either an A710 or an A630/640.

Also, apropos of nothing, I was at lunch the other day and my coworker said, "Look over there. That guy looks like a futuristic vampire version of Tim Bray."

He was not wrong at all. I don't recommend that you buy a skintight, ankle-length leather coat and matching leather fedora any time soon.


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