This bush, Alex Waterhouse-Hayward told me upon hearing its description, is a Japanese Azalea; distinguished by vanishing, when it’s in full bloom, behind a solid mass of blossoms. When so covered it requires substantially greater skill than mine to photograph because the all that red overloads the camera. But at the moment it’s tractable.

Young blossoms of Japanese Azalea


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From: Ted Wood, Campbell River, BC (Apr 18 2007, at 02:25)

Time, I just want to say thanks for your blog postings. I really enjoy them, and they are slowly inspiring me to view our crazy world in a new light, finding joy in the small things and in the moment, rather than try to achieve everything yet nothing all at once.


From: Manfred (Apr 18 2007, at 15:15)


You were in the room when XML was invented!

I am a regular subscriber of ongoing but must admit that I lost track of what camera you are using. I remember you miss your s70.


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