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How Big is the Club? · We who read (and write) blogs and play with the latest Internet Trinkets (and build them) have been called an echo chamber, a hall of mirrors, a teeny geeky minority whose audience is itself. Let me explore this notion a bit using Twitter ...
Atompub Interop Lessons · The results are summarized on the Wiki; what do they mean? Obviously, good news: The fact that people from this many places, most of whom had never met before, got together and were able to put that many check-marks on the grid, based on a protocol whose design is not quite frozen, verges on the miraculous. Now let’s dive a little deeper; what does each check-mark mean, and what can implementors bet on, and when? ...
FotD: April 17 Rhododendron Buds · When these open, they’ll be rhododendrons and probably very pale yellow. Once again, two pictures, but quite a bit different. I find that I don’t really have a word to describe the colour ...
Which Language? · I was having trouble getting my partially home-baked Ruby WSSE implementation to play nice with Hiroshi Asakura’s NTT server-side, so I asked him to send me his WSSE client code. I eventually got it to work (not 100% sure how) but at one point I was peering closely at Hiroshi’s code and thinking “What does that do?” and realized I wasn’t sure what programming language I was reading. Then I realized it didn’t really matter, they all look more and more like each other. It turned out to be C#.
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