We have a little trillium patch in the corner of the yard in an angle of the cedar hedge where there’s not much direct light. This is a Pacific Northwest native; I don’t know if it’s the same plant as Ontario’s provincial flower. I once threatened another human being with death over this these flowers.


They’re pretty and really appealing; the flowers slowly shade through pink into violet as they age. But lots of times they don’t make it; they’re fragile things.

A couple of years ago we were having the hedge trimmed (it’s a solid day’s hard work for a professional with all the right equipment; beyond my powers). Somebody didn’t tell the hedge guy about the trilliums, and when I came home from work he looked at me sheepishly and admitted he’d stepped on one.

I was irritated but what could you do, so I said, not dressing it up. “That’s too bad, because it’s the death penalty for that” and he looked really taken aback for a second or two.

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