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FotD: April 10 Camellias · I always have trouble growing camellias. Either I’m not giving them enough love or there’s something wrong with our soil; so the leaves and flowers turn brown. The other day I was walking through the neighborhood and there was this big (way taller than me) camellia bush that was just the picture of glowing health; every leaf and flower seemingly perfect.
Passport Hell · Today I spent nine (9) (no, that’s not a typo) hours in line to apply for a passport ...
Good Conduct for Bloggers · As several have noted wittily, Tim O’Reilly has managed to accomplish the near-unthinkable by getting the online community to unite in disagreeing with his Call for a Blogger's Code of Conduct. (There’s a wikified version, not really starting to converge yet). I personally wouldn’t be able to adopt Tim’s proposal, but I think the discussion he’s launched is a useful and healthy one, and we all owe a vote of thanks. I have one big issue and some little ones, but I also have an alternative to propose ...
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Rock Secret Contest · Check out Jonathan’s piece today on the Rock. Sometimes he makes me nervous... but hey, let's have some fun with it. The first three people who can decipher his artful clues and guess (by commenting here) what the Big Cool Nifty Rock Secret is will win a round of blog applause from me and also a neat Sun sweatshirt or hoodie (my own, unopened conference loot sitting at the back of a closet, this is not a Sun contest etc etc) ...
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