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Atom Publishing Protocol Interop! · Mark your calendar: April 16-17 at Google. Everybody is invited, provided they bring along an APP implementation, client or server. This was just announced a couple of days ago, and as I write this there are already six thirteen client and seven fifteen server implementations signed up to be there and try to fill in the grid. Let’s drop some names, in alphabetical order: AOL, Flock, Google, IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, NTT, Oracle, O’Reilly, Six Apart, Sun, WordPress. Um, have I mentioned that the APP is going to be huge?
Shellflower V · I really had fun with this one, and if you think you’re tired of these shell pictures, well maybe not just yet. [Series intro here.] ...
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WS-* in the Springtime, O Joy · This happens over and over. New WS-* spec submission, check. Insanely huge charter locking down the conclusion and ensuring a rubber-stamp outcome, check. Loads of dependencies on WS-standards, WS-drafts, WS-submissions, and other WS-handwaving, check. Resolute obliviousness to other technologies that address the same problem, check. [Update: Hostilities break out in the comments. Read ’em and see what you think.] ...
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