Another forty-eight hours in the Golden State, half of them rainy. I was looking around the Sun campus for a cool rain shot I could call “Sun in the Rain” but struck out. I do have an interesting city pair and and a dangerous wet-pavement thing.

I was on the thirtieth floor of San Francisco’s Argent hotel, with an outstandingly nice view. Here’s the view on two successive mornings, different times and lights. The building that’s all lit up on the inside in the lower half of the dark shot is Moscone West.

San Francisco view, dawn
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San Francisco view, sunlit morning

Around supper-time on Monday Josh Berkus and I were heading out for dinner, him driving. This is in Palo Alto somewhere, we were stopped at a red light so I rolled down the window, leaned out, and started firing as we went around the corner. Josh remarked “It’d probably be better to stop” and I suppose he was right.

Dusk in Palo Alto


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From: Dave Pawson (Mar 29 2007, at 04:40)

Love the traffic lights shot Tim.


regards DaveP


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