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Baby Dread · Sup­pose it’s re­al­ly late and you have a lit­tle ba­by who’s cranky (maybe sick) and can’t or won’t sleep and you’ve tried all the usu­al tricks and they’re not work­ing. Here’s my ul­ti­mate weapon, and while the sam­ple size is on­ly my two chil­dren, it does span gen­der­s ...
Beautiful Code · This is the O’Reilly project that I was work­ing on in Jan­uary in Aus­trali­a. In terms of the co-authors’ cod­ing achieve­ments, I am in the round­ing er­ror way off to the right of the dec­i­mal point. Stil­l, it was fun writ­ing my chap­ter, and it’s a book I think I’d snap up even if I hadn’t been part of it. Greg Wil­son spills the beans.
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