I started a dialogue here and it went something like this. Tim: “I want to fiddle the feeds to make the comments more visible.” Tim’s commenters: “Go pound sand.” Well OK then, I won’t, for now. What I will do is, when I think there’s some unfinished business coming out of the contributions I’ll do a post like this with “Contrib:” in the title. Also, there were some good ideas that I’ll try to capture in an improved comments feed. Also, I’ll try and figure out a way to do some of what Sam wants. I’m looking for a metaphor to pin on Sam. Canary in the coalmine? Princess and the pea? Whatever, he has good taste.


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From: Blake Winton (Mar 06 2007, at 09:15)

"Canary in the coalmine? Princess and the pea?"



From: Paul B (Mar 06 2007, at 09:15)

I'm not familiar with the comment conversation here, but I have one small point. I've noticed Jeff Atwood (http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/) and a few others beginning to flag their own responses in their posts' comments by using a (discrete, non-jarring, pastel (well, a "manly" pastel) different background color. For me, this seems to add some useful structure.

They post. Bunch of comments get generated. They respond (now easy to see). Some more comments may be generated, a significant percentage of which are based partially or entirely on their response. If the entry's really popular, wash rinse repeat. The coloration breaks this up into semi-useful blocks, particularly when I'm skimming for overall direction and not going through every post in detail.


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