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Camino 1.1β · I gave it a try, and now I’m switched over. Camino is a Mac brows­er that’s based on the Mozil­la Gecko en­gine, but doesn’t use the Fire­fox XUL front-end. Pre­vi­ous­ly, I used Camino 1.0 as my main ev­ery­day brows­er be­cause it was the on­ly one that felt like it be­longed on the Mac, was ac­cept­ably fast, and didn’t pe­ri­od­i­cal­ly bal­loon out of con­trol. (Yes, I use Fire­fox too for its de­vel­op­er tool­s.) The 1.1 be­ta has fix­es for pret­ty well all the things that ir­ri­tat­ed me about 1.0: it saves your tabs in case you crash, text-edit con­trols now sup­port the control-F/B/N/P/A/E id­iom just like ev­ery­thing else, and resize-to-fit works prop­er­ly. I think that for al­most any Mac us­er who spends a lot of time in the browser, Camino would be worth a se­ri­ous look.
Another Blow to Emacs · I’ve been watch­ing Tor Nor­bye grind­ing away on NetBeans 6, and couldn’t wait any more, so I went and down­load­ed a dai­ly build, and it seems to kin­da work. Up till now, all my Ru­by work has been in Emac­s, but the NB6 pre-pre-alpha trumps it ...
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